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k2p3-knit on said:
You could go to Embroidery Library, Ann the Gram, SICK embroidery sites and look at their tutorials. You will want a stabilizer beneath the embroidery and s thin topping wash-away on top to keep your stitches from sinking into the knit. The bottom stabilizer should be a peel away that you put in your hoop then score and remove the top paper from the adhesive surface snd finger press your fabric/knitting on it. It's a good idea to anchor it with pins outside the stitching area. You don't want to stretch your knitting and put it directly in the hoops. You will probably get more specific advice by PM but whatever you do, knit a sample and test it first!
I agree here....This is the way I've always done it....
Cannot stress enough....Make a test sample!...The same embroidery design will behave differently on a standard bed opposed to a bulky knit for example.....With monogram designs....the size of the 'font' makes a difference....If too will get lost in a bulky knit...
Density(amount of stitches in the design) makes a big difference depending on which knit you place it on....Too dense and it distorts the knit...
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