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Escape artist

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Last week I had my 2 yr old great granddaughter for a day and a half. It had been raining all morning and then the temperature went up to about 95 degrees so it was really hot and humid. After getting up from her nap, all she kept saying is, "Play outside!" and pointing through the sliding door and did not want to hear that it was too hot. When she didn't realize I was watching (NOT my first rodeo) she very quietly snuck out the doggie door.
What you can't see in the picture is that there was one dog on each side of the patio door and both started barking as soon as she was through.
Don't worry, the doggie door is always locked at night (both the latching cover and then a 50lb. bin of dog food in front of it) so there is no way she could slip out. It's actually locked to keep the dogs in as the older one likes to capture possums and bring them in the house, believing she has killed them.


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