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For a 22" approximate head size I would normally cast on 96 stitches on a size 7US needle using worsted weight. So, for one about 25" I think I would add about 12 stitches to that for a total of 108 stitches. You don't say what type of hat you want to make but if it's a beanie type (not a folded up brim) I would knit to maybe 9" or so and then start my decreases. I'd start with knit 10 then knit 2 together for the first round. Then knit 9 then knit 2 together for the 2nd round. Continue decreasing in that manner for every round til you get down to 5-6 stitches then thread the yarn through a needle and pull it through the remaining stitches and fasten underneath.

Does that help?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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