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lmr923 said:
I started knitting recently, and feel very discouraged. Although I have completed a few small projects, I seem to make so many mistakes. I usually don't know what I've done or how to fix them. I try so hard, but then I see other people who have been knitting only a couple of years, who have created one gorgeous, complicated project after another. It's very discouraging! Is artistic ability required for knitting? Because, I don't have a shred of artsy/craftsy genes! Am I wasting my time?
Hi, I am new to knitting also (about 3 wks) and was feeling quite the same way until I found this site and saw a link here for videos on how to knit: After viewing those videos, I found the KnitWitch on I like the Knit Witch because she keeps the work in the video the entire time, she explains thoroughly, and makes it all look so easy. Try her out. Here is a link to her knit stitch explanation:
There are others. After viewing those two sites, I finished up my three projects and now I feel like a Knitter! These and other sites are like having a private tutor. Good luck.
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