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I started these in MARCH, right after the lock-down. Just plain old toe-up, no pattern sox. They usually take me about 2 weeks to finish as I knit in the evening while watching TV. Well, after many brain farts: one pair ended up too big for me (sz 12 feet) and they were for a friend I've known for over 50 years size 8 foot went to the frog pond. Next attempt the heel was on the side of the foot, and next attempt the stitch count was way off. They went to time-out for a few weeks, I'd pull them out and botch something again. Finally got my brain straight and turned the heel. Was trying to the eye of the "something" and finally gave up and did a simple sl1, k1 heel. Those came out ok. My OCD really kicked in with these as I vowed NO Mistakes! Finally finished these 2 nights ago. Made a couple of errors in the ribbing but decided that they were design elements! Gads! These were supposed to be an Easter gift due to the colors. I had enough left that I cast on for a pair of short sox for the daughter.
I blame all of this on Covid/election anxiety, multiple med changes for my depression/anxiety and finally feel normal again.


1 - 20 of 50 Posts
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