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finishing to top of a tobogan

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How can I finish the top of a kinitted tobogan so it looks like it is sewed at the top. Thanks
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this is so strange. I just finished a cap for my son and my husband said he would like a tobogan. I quipped back: "I can knit it but I do think it would get ruined the first time you used it". he looked very puzzled and he asked me why if I made one for our son why I wouldn't make one to last for him. I never heard of a ski cap called a tobogan before and next monday we will be married 41 years! (to each other) maybe you'll get more responses with a picture- just in case others have never heard of the term: "tobogan".
Well maybe they call it a ski cap now but it looks like a tobogan to me. lol How did you finish the top of it? I wanted to finish the top she It didn't all bunch up on the top if you know what I mean. Thank you very much

This one is quick and easy and the large size fits adults. I just made one and the crown finished very nicely.
Thanks so very much. Will try that. Thanks again
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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