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First Month Done On Mine, So How Is Your Own Temperature Blanket Going?

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The end of the month has a similar temperature to the beginning, with a cold spell in the middle.

(I am using the midday temperature for my village from the Met Office.)

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Thank you 馃槉
Last night I found that I had mistakenly used the wrong colour on yesterday鈥檚 row, so today I had to undo it and then crochet two rows at once. 馃ゴ
This is how it looks today, May 16th.
I鈥檓 running out of pale green, it is on order but delivery is estimated 26-31 May. I think there could be 2 more rows left out of what I have so I am not looking forwards to a few rows at once鈥een there twice, do not want a third time. Lol
I had to undo the first 9 rows of May because I spotted a mistake and couldn鈥檛 leave it.
That took me all one afternoon into the evening to completely re-crochet those rows.

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I like your color choices.
I made mine a few years ago for my son's first wedding anniversary.
It was with 17 colors so I broke it down to every 3 degrees and used the daily average for his city.
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I was in luck this morning, my yarn arrived just after I had used up the last on my last row.
When I got to the end of my row there was only a 1鈥 strand left, just enough to thread through to finish off.

I am so pleased that I won鈥檛 need to have about 9 rows to do all at once, that would have meant 3,285 stitches!
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