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flat knit baby hat

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Can anyone help me? over 30 years ago I started knitting, and havent progressed much farther than really simple stuff. I made baby hats, using 2 needles. They were made flat, in basic shape of a "T" then sewn up the sides, add 2 ribbons, and done, very simple, but I cant figure out how to do it again without some kind of pattern or instructions.
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Using baby yarn and #7 needles, cast on 60 sts (use a larger needle for the cast on). Work in K2,P2 ribbing for 6 rows. Change to stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row) and work until piece measures 5 inches ending with a purl row. Next row, Knit two together across. Purl one row. Knit two together for next row. Leaving enough yarn for finishing, clip yarn, using needle pull yarn through stitches, remove knitting needle, pull up yarn and sew seam. I use a pompon on top but ribbons could be a nice finish.
thank you I will give it a try!
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