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a flower I made from a pattern that was posted on a Russian site "club"


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Is this a knitted flower? It is beautiful. Would you be willing to share the pattern?
I love knitted flowers, yours is great! If you have a pattern to share I would be so interested. At least it'll be one flower that won't dry up if I forget to water it!!
I love this site and the ideas it brings to my humble computer. The flower is perfect for hats...please share the pattern :)
I'd love the pattern, too. It's really different!
:lol: :lol: Love the pattern too. I've only ever crocheted them but think you've inspired me to try a knit one.
I assume the site you referenced is in Russian. Any chance you might translate the pattern for us?
I dont 'speak or read Russian but I can sometimes look at a picture of something and can figure it how. So here goes.. Chain 3, join, with the beginning stitch.

Round 1: With white *Chain 3, SL ST through the chain loop. Complete 5 times from *, join at the base of the beginning stitch to join. (5 chain 3 loops total)

Round 2: *SL ST in to the next chain 3 loop. CH 1, work 5 DC through the CH 3, CH 1, SL ST in the same CH 3, Complete 5 times total from *. Join with the beginning stitch. Fasten off pink
Round 3: turn flower over (you are now working from the back side) Join pink at the base of beginning stitch from previous row. * Ch 6 SL ST through the ch loop. Complete 5 times from *, join at the base of the beginning stitch to join (five CH 6 loops total)
Round 4: SL ST into first CH 6 loop * work 1 SC, HDC, DC, 5 TR, 1 DC, HDC, SC, SL ST into next 6 CH loop and repeat from*4 more times (five CH 6 petals) Fasten off.
Take white yarn and make crochet edging around the pink petals by doing a *SC CH 2, SC in next stitch around each petal. Do the same using pink yarn around the white petals.
To make the centers I used yellow yarn and made CH 5 stitched back into the center of the flower 5 times. My center white petals were too big so I connected them by running some yarn through each SC of each petal , this made the petals sort of fold in allowing the back petals to be seen better. Hope this helps. I am very bad at explaining/ writing patterns!
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Love, Love Love this flower pattern. I add flowers,, buttons, etc to y DGDs hats. Would love to add this to a new hat! Sharing your pattern? GrannieSan
OOPs! How I missed your last post, I'll never know! Thanks for sharing. GrannieSan
I went to the site you posted and it's in russian! Is there anyway of getting the pattern other than there? Really think it's pretty and already have ideas for it. Thanks, Sandra Lee
Yes I know it's in Russian but It has great designs. There are some that are charted if you can read charts. I don't read or speak Russian but I get a lot of ideas from the items that are shown.
nope, but if you look at Theresa's Art of Crochet I think she has a pattern for it on YouTube. Her small flower is the same as the base for this flower.
Thankyou very much. I found her site, nice flowers. Sandra Lee :-D
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