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? for Wingspanners -

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I'm so anxious to start my wingspan I woke up in the middle of the night and started one with yarn I had on my 47" circ as a practice run before I order a 60" circ and I've spent quite a bit on expensive yarn. Later I spent most of the morning knitting and now have finished the first triangle (wedge?) to where the pattern states "Repeat rows 3 and 4 until there are no more working stitches. (i.e. there is nowhere to put the traveling marker.)"

Then - "Row 1 Sl1p, Knit to within 16 stitches of the marker, turn" - etc.

My question is WHAT marker? My marker is on my side table and I'm out of stitches. Have I counted Rows 3 and 4 wrong? Was I supposed to stop at an earlier point?

I have no idea what I've done wrong. I think maybe something was left out of the pattern. Those of you who have used Ravelry's pattern, please help.
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In knitting the Wingspan there is a traveling marker and there are also stationary markers. Stitch markers make everything so much easier. Youare going to need 7 which will remain where you place them, until the very end, and one different one which is going to travel with the rows as they get shorter. If you follow the instructions very carefully for the first couple of rows after that it will become automatic.
(for Triangle 2 knit to 16 stitches before the end of the row, turn) Put a marker here. Then on subsequent triangles, you (PM)place marker again in 16 stitches. I hope this is clear. So, when you run out of places to put your traveling marker, you knit toward the small end of the wedge and place your stationary marker 16 stitches from the previous stationary marker. It does become automatic. You are adding 16 stitches to the large end of the triangle and subtracting 16 stitches at the small end. Your 47" circulars are more than adequate for this pattern. I used 36" and wasn't that crowded. Hope this helps.
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