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If you want to participate in this swap please fill out questionnaire and get to me before the end of the week. I would like to close the Swap and get names of your partners out to you no later than 8/25.

Any questions please contact me.

Carolyn aka OregonCaro

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Oops forgot to attach

The International Society of Friendship and Good Will has designated September as Self-Improvement Month! Since August/September is generally associated with going back to school we might be thinking about learning something new, a new stitch, a new craft, improving or enhancing one we already have or.... We will be sending items related to something your Buddy has always wanted to learn about, learn to use,learn to do or something new to try. We each will put these items down in the questionaire as well as including areas of our own expertise. This is where the Friendship part comes in. I want each of us to communicate with our Swap Buddy regarding their interests or their expertise so that we are able to draw on those things for the Swap. ie I am a Professional Genealogist so my Buddy might be interested in How to find Great Great Grandfather Crochet, or Aunt Knitty. Maybe your Buddy knows how to Tat, embroidery etc etc. Please include something you have made and it doesn't have to be crocheted or knitted. I hope this makes sense and I havent made this too complicated. Here's to Friendship Through Self Improvement!
Dollar amount $10-$20, excluding postage. Use your stash or white elephant to cut costs. As before Please, Please notify me when mailed with Delivery Confirmation (cheaper than tracking I think). If you pinky swear you mailed packages international tracking not required as it is so very expensive! Also remember if life gets in the way and you are not able to fulfill your obligation, let me know ASAP so that an Angel can be trained and flown in to help us out. Remember to have fun, make friends, learn something, and improve yourself!

Swap partner given by 8/25 to be shipped NO LATER than 9/25!!

Screen Name: ____________Can it be shared with Swap Buddy? Yes___ No___(For this Swap we need to share your name someway!)
City, State, and Country
Phone number: (For me only)
Birthday (Month and date is fine) Month__________ Date________
Will ship international? Yes No
Crochet: ______ Knit: ______ Other Crafts you do_____________________
Other hobbies do you have besides knit/crochet:
Areas of Expertise___________________________________________
What new things would you like to learn?______________________________
Favorite Hook or Needle (straight or circular etc.):
Least favorite hook or needle (straight or circular etc.):
Favorite Craft Tool
Favorite yarn:
Least favorite yarn:
Favorite colors of yarn:
Favorite Color in General
Least favorite colors of yarn:
Least Favorite Color in General
Can you accept package from homes with pets:
Any allergies food, cigarette smoke or otherwise:
Favorite kind of candy or snack:
Least favorite kind of candy or snack:
Favorite hot or cold drink:
Least favorite hot or cold drink:
Own a pet if so what kind: Cat:_____ dog:____ breed:_______ color:________ Name:__________
Favorite thing to receive (books, magazines, music, recipes etc.):
Least favorite thing to receive (books, magazines, music etc.)
Projects you like to work on not just knitting or crocheting:
Do you collect anything?
Are there any Holidays you do not celebrate?
A short Biography about you!
Anything else you would like to add that is important to you: More info you give the better choices you give your swap buddy!
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