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Well I call it frogging because you rip it rip it rip it which after awhile sounds like ribbit ribbit ribbit..and that's where the frog enters the picture,, frogging!!

We are a silly lot aren't we? We speak a language known only to us. Like counting in a strange tongue k3 p4 k8 p4 ssk slk psso oh that list is endless.
And our family know DO NOT interrupt while we are counting LOL.

Happy Frog to you

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Rose said:
Why is it called froging when you take out knitting?
And the item to be frogged can await that chore in the frog pond!

To tink is to knit - or rather, unknit one stitch at a time. Frogging is wholesale ripping of many rows, if not for the whole piece.

Yes, it's a whole other language amongst English speaking knitters!

I love language, but have yet to find any similar terminology in another language. We have knit and purl stitches; other languages seem to be limited to frontwards and backwards stitches! If anyone knows of different terms that are particular to knitting in another language, tell me, please.
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