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frozen hats

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my first attempt. Great nieces loved their elsa and anna hats


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Thank you. I had more trouble trying to figure out how to make braids. I never had long hair haha
Karen L said:
I would have trouble with the braids too. I was forced to wear braids for way too many years. My mother always did them for me and they were beautifully done and laid just the way they were supposed to. Nobody else wore braids and I HATED (caps on purpose) them so much that I vowed I would never learn to braid and would not inflect them on my kids. 50+ years later, I still don't know how to braid!! MY GDs wear them occasionally but not because I say they have to. They are cute - just not on me!!
I am jealous . I always wanted long hair but it is thin and stringy and now as a senior it is more so. :(
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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