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KeesieMommy said:
One of my favorite group games involves placing at least 20-25 items on a tray. Reveal the tray for about 3 minutes. Then everyone lists everything they saw. Most recalled wins. Choose the objects thematically: bridal shower - kitchen gadgets, baby shower - baby gadgets, toys, and care items, knitting/crochet group - knitting and crochet tools, skeins of yarn, books, patterns, and small finished projects. If there is a tie, the most accurate description with color, brand, or number wins.
The surprise switch to this game is now ask questions about the person that was showing the tray around, not the tray contents. No one is observing the person closely so it is great fun. Of course the person has to stay out of the room while questions are asked, lol! Some do not even remember the color of their clothing, they are intent on the tray.
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