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My second Greatgranddaughter is here. Sorry I don't have a pic yet to send. Will as soon as I can.

She is: Kaylee Lynn
7 lbs. 19 1/2 inches
Full head of light-brown-blondish hair lol
Born May 18th 11:05 PM
Her hair is really a very pretty color but is hard to describe. Mom and baby are great. Started labor at 7 AM, went to hospital about 11:30 stayed until around 2 PM was sent home, but told it will probably be born tonight, but we'll see. They live almost an hour away from the hospital. About an hour after getting home, her pains were under a minute apart to a little over a minute. Flying trip to Hospital, but she still wasn't born until 11:05 PM. They had to break her water manually, and baby was born in about 25 minutes. Thank God Jessie had an epidural(SP) so she didn't have to be in all that pain for that long. Contractions stayed at a little over a minute apart all that time. They should have broke her water long before that. Believe me, if she had been feeling those contractions, they would have done something much sooner. LOL Oh well she is here 2 days early and healthy and with a great set of lungs. LOL
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