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Going down....dying...

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OMG!! I was given big huge needles by my little old lady neighbor to sew a scarf for my son with. The yarn I got is Bohemian really soft with all the earthtones in it. It is impossible to knit. I can't see my stitches...HELP!! I'm giving back the huge needles. I will be going to Joanne's tomorrow and getting new yarn for the baby blanket and wander if any of you have some tips for us beginners. I need help ASAP...don't know what happened to me I was doing real good with my granddaughters scarves and all then BOOM I feeling depressed...has this ever happened to anyone?

Have a good day everybody...Aloha
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Hi Joyce,
Don't give up! When you are using very large needles you want to use 3 strands of yarn, otherwise its very wispy, like lace. And the big needles are not easy to work with for a beginner trying to keep tension even.
I like size 10 or 11 needles, they are easy for me to work with, but you will find out the kind of yarn you like and the size needle you are most comfortable with.
Try Sugar and Cream cotton yarn, Michael's has it on sale, its firm, not stretchy and you can make some real cute headbands for your granddaughters. Here is a pattern:

Garter Stitch Headband

Cast on 10 sts. 1st row: Knit. Repeat this row until total length is 16 inches (not stretched). Bind off. Sew short edges together.

Thank you for your encouragement and I will not give up. I will go to either Michael's or Joanne's today and buy some Sugar n Cream, they have a new one that is scented. I thought that would be sweet for my Granddaughters, sorry but I can't read patterns and I don't have a sewing machine. Later, when I'm more sure of myself I will try to make them headbands...they sound so sweet.

I will keep you posted, have a great day.
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