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Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 🦃❗😄
Last day for running out for last minute things & grocery stores are busy crazy with anyone looking for this or that or one or two of that. And I needed two items & friend needed 4 things….parking lot was “packed”🙁
My fall colored themed shawl is moving along well, but I need to finish the red, white, blue Vets shawl sooner.
Kitchen table needs a clearing off😞
Parlor needs a vaccumming, potatoes & butternut squash needs a peeling.
I needed half & half & a wheat bread & I saw Christmas tags a 100 for $2.29 plus tax, seemed a good deal, so I grabbed them❗🎄👍🏻
Hubby thought getting white sheer-ish curtains for parlor window is a good idea, so now it’s very bright in here.🌞👀❗😮❗😞 (great for the plants) 🪴 but it’s [giving Son a migraine]🙁 and I can see the crud stuff on rug that needs vaccumming😞
Yay, it’s Wednesday❗😄
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Candy you don't need to peel butternut squash. Poke a few holes in it with a squewer.. put it on a piece of paper towel in your microwave and cook on high until tender. Check with squewer at 20 minutes and then at 5 minute intervals.
Wait until it cools down a bit then cut in half the long way and scoop out the lovely golden flesh andbdiscard the seeds. It takes about a 1/2 hour depending on size. This way you don't lose any vitamins or nutrients and it is not soggy.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Losing my khakis! That's a riot to this transplanted New Yorker. So, on my very first night here in the Boston area--I was staying at my in-laws and my sister-in-law came running in, very flustered because she had a very hard time parking the car--it was so dark. And I remember thinking to myself, oh dear God, I will never understand these people.

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Sun City Center, FL
Whe. I went to visit the university of Maine where I was admitted to graduate schooI (in 1965) I flew from NY to Maine and caught a cab...three gents in business suits carry attaché cases got into the cab with me (there was only one cab) and asked the driver if he knew where the cow wash on Main Street was. I was ready to jump out and get back in the plane...cow wash??? OMG. Good thing I kept my mouth shut. Yes, they were from Boston and looking for the car wash.

good thing I didn't go to one of the Boston universities where I was also admitted. I'd have never figured out what they were saying.
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