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I wonder how long you could leave the dirty dishes there before someone would jump in & help? When there were no more clean dishes??? My DD does all the cooking now & often does all the dishes after supper - but sometimes she is tired or gets interested in something on TV - then I try to finish them up in the am. Even when it was just DH & me, I often had more energy to do them in the am - so I let them sit overnight!

When DH was healthy, he was really a very helpful soulmate - cooked AND cleaned up! I was blessed, I guess

Seems that all the chores - budgeting, shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc. - are all YOURS! What about the others?? Maybe you need to go on strike! hahaha:D:ROFLMAO:!

Beautiful snow scenes here after the storm. Lovely!

Keep the faith!
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