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Good morning Saturday wishes!
Errands on list, hope everybody is Not going where I am, but the crowds follows me, so it seems.🙁

Van is thawed out pretty good, few bank Stops on list and a quick food stop & back home for lsundry or dishes oh joy Not.🙁
Fyi, no one here feels it’s their job to help with dishes though I complain often & have not done them for 2-3 days to see if anyone stepped up, They did not👎🏻.
Family just got to love them 🤷🏼❓
Happy Saturday!😄 View attachment 1277005 View attachment 1277006 View attachment 1277007 View attachment 1277008 View attachment 1277009 View attachment 1277010 View attachment 1277011 View attachment 1277012 View attachment 1277013 View attachment 1277014
I would be keeping one clean plate just for me and keeping it well hidden, then when clean plates run out for the rest of the family they would either get the message, do the dishes, eat off a paper plate or go without food.
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