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Good Morning Thursday wishes!
Sunny & cold here & an Artic cold is coming here fri/Sat/sun, gonna be a chilly weekend with below zero cold temps settling in. 馃ザ鉂梇ikes!
Doing couple errands today & get gas so tank in van is over 3/4 full with it being so cold, don鈥檛 want the tank low. 鈽光潡
My peace plant will be five years since I got it in Feb 2018, after my Dad passed, my church sent it to us馃槩 as a sorry about loss of your Dad.
Any good things on your Thursday to-do list for today鉂擆煠佛煆拣煠佛煆尖嶁檧锔忦煠佛煆尖潛馃槃
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It's going to be a cold one for us tomorrow. I'm staying in where it is nice and warm. We have a big project ahead of us. I'm putting in a tile floor. Hubbies knees hurt to get on them. I really enjoy tiles on the floor.

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Thank you, my son in Marlboro, homeless, an addict, and you are the way at least I know the weather, I try to keep positive, and you help me with your posts.

Please I hope everyone understands that I am not, not evening complaining.

For give me,

Janallyn, Bob and The Bean
I wish we had a Care or Sorry button in the lineup. What we do have sometimes doesn't really cover how we feel.
I hope your son survives the cold weather well. It must be such a heartache knowing the situation. My heart goes out to you, and to him.

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Gonna be cold here tomorrow too. But just the one day, then will warm up to the 20鈥檚 and 30鈥檚 for the weekend. I had my once a month knitting group at the library this morning. Then went to local yarn shop to get a skein of yarn to make myself an1898 hat. I don鈥檛 like hats, but for snow shoveling , it鈥檚 needed. Made a few more stops, then came home to pick up hubby and we went to Culver鈥檚 for lupper. Then my stepson texted if he could come visit for while, so we enjoyed his company for a few hours. And I talked to my little brother in Texas, he鈥檚 been iced in for three days! But he said it will be in the sixties by Sunday!

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I live near Candycounter, and although the weathermen make it sound like tonight and tomorrow are going to be doomsday cold, we live in New England, for Pete's sake! We expect weird weather. And it's going to be only ONE day of bitter cold! Then it's back into the 40s, which is the unusual weather. Supposedly the wind that is accompanying this cold is what will be nasty. But then again, it's only for ONE day. For us hard-core New Englanders, it will be just another stay-in day. Those who have to work outside know how to dress for cold.

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I feel the cold more as I get older. It's Friday morning and we have a temperature of 19 degrees outside. Also, our 100 year old house is a bit drafty, so we are definitely feeling the cold here in western Mass.
Your Peace Lily is lovely, Candycounter. Have a great Friday!

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Sun City Center, FL
Temps have been in low 80's here on the West Coast of FL so I said to someone "looks like winter is over" and they replied that we are getting a cold snap this weekend. I just looked it up, it will be high 50's and low 60's.

So, "cold" is relative!!! Hope you all in the North and Midwest, I hope it doesn't get too bad!
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