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Goodwill was good to me

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Three little beauties ready to be unraveled and reclaimed. Total cost $9


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Jalsh said:
Don't you have a big lavender cabelled project to start?
I am a Gemini. That means I have the attention span of a four-year-old. LOL
Pocahontas said:
I love unraveling sweaters for the yarn also (love the thrift stores). But the grey one and cream are just too awesome to unravel. The pink one, yes, I'd unravel that one. Great buy!
Which do you do first unravel and then wash or wash the garment and then Untavel?
Pocahontas said:
I've only gotten 100% wool sweaters, so I unravel first, then wind into hanks, tie at intervals and soak in a wool wash. Then air dry.
Thanks. That's what I am going to do. I built myself a little knitting knobby out of PVC pipe to wind the yarn into skeins, will tie it in 3 or4 places, soak in Eucalan and let it dry. Previously I tried winding on the knobby, soaking and letting it dry in the knobby but that seemed to stretch it too thinand I could only do one skein at a time.
seemyart said:
so I guess the seams are not sewn?
They are sewn with a chain stitch but they are not serged. That is the first thing I checked before I bought them. Unless they are machine knitted into sweater parts and sewn together with the chain stitch they are not good to reclaim. The ones with serged seams were just been cut out of a piece of knitted fabric and they produce very short pieces of yarn not skeins. I learned this lesson, of course, the hard way.
dragonswing said:
I tried unraveling a sweater once. It was disastrous.
The secret is unraveling the chain stitch that holds the pieces together. I finally figured it out and with a little pulling it just comes apart in seconds. I think it helps if you have done some sewing.
Paula - Sussex UK said:
Agree - the cream one is an absolute gem. Do use it as it is - and with love!
Wish I could, unfortunately it's a size extra small measures 31 across the bust.
Well the beige/camel sweater yielded 11 ounces of merino, angora, cashmere blend yarn, ; the grey acrylic boucle weighed in at 17 oz., and the red acrylic/wool at 20 oz. have no idea what I'm going to make with any of them but that should keep me busy for a while. Each yarn 12-13 wraps per inch, dk weight.
1 - 8 of 26 Posts
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