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I had great expierence with Twitchy Hands Creative, Inc.
I ordered a set of Kollage interchangeable needles from them. I received them very promptly. The set was factory sealed however there was a part missing. I notified the shop and they immediately sent a replacement out.

After using one of the cords for a project it had a problem and separated from its connection. '
"Mechanism". I notified the shop. I received a timely response that they had contacted Louet since Kollage had been bought out by Louet. They were waiting to hear on how to proceed, but it may take a bit since they were in a transition period. I followed up several times and the shop finally notified me they heard from Louet that my cord was being shipped. I waited a cord. I contacted the shop. They notified me that they were sending the cord since they reached out to Louet but still hadn't heard back.

That is very good customer service.

I am trying to find some yarn to purchase from Twitchy Hands Creative, Inc. I have to knit faster.

Thank you for the great service Twitchy Hands Creative, Inc.

PS As I have said before I love my Kollage interchangeable needles
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