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Greeting from Southern California

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This is a fun forum.

Now that I can't hike daily, I knit and listen to music or watch movies on the tube as I knit. I don't read or paint as much as I used to, now that I knit. Needless to say, I knit wayyyyy too much :) ... but, my family and friends don't mind it.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles; now living in in South Pasadena, a little city surrounded, a stones throw away, from Los Angeles, Pasadena City, San Marino, and Alhambra.

I'm divorced, with four adult "children", and one 22-year-old grandson. No pets. I drive a black 2-door 2002 Honda Civic; it rocks. And, it still looks good; runs good too. No one suspects that it belongs to a granny; cause it looks like a "guy's" car. I love it!
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Welcome! I also knit way to much and my family teases me about it....unless the project is for them. I have learned ways to blend my hobbies sothat I can do more of the things that I enjoy. For example, I get books on tape from my local library. That way I don't feel like I have to chose between my hobbies. So many little time!
KnitterMama and Addicted2Yarn... thank you so much for your welcome.

Good idea, video books from the library... that way, I'll remain well-read. LOL
Hi, I am also in Southern California, I live in Lakewood. I am a widow, live with my two dogs (Whippets) and I love to knit and crochet. Right now I am knitting a baby blanket for a friend who will be a great grandmother soon. I have two children (adults) and two grandsons. ONe in the Army just back from Afghanistan and one will be graduating high school in June. Would love to stay in touch with you.
Hi Elayne... (pretty name)... I'm Thelma; uck! Anywho, thanks for the greeting and info about yourself.

I love knitting baby blanket; my fav to make is: I've made three; one in pinks, pistacho blend, and blue/lt. brown (for a boy).

AND, you have Whippets. I'm not a dog owner, but I do appreciate dog shows on TV. I'm not mobile or I would attend them when they're in Long Beach. When I read that you had Whippets, I took out a new book that I bought via Amazon (best price there) entitled Knit Your Own Dog: and, there is a Whippet for the knitting in this fab book. These are some samples: Aren't they awesome. The Whippet looks great too!!

If I had a scanner I would send the pattern; but, I don't. But, the cost for this book on Amazon is quite reasonable.

Thelma ([email protected])

PS: if you want a free Collie pattern and article about the women that devised this book: Scroll down for the free pattern.

Yes, I would love to keep in touch with you. Bye for now.
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Hi Elayne, I'm Diane from Whittier California. I am a brand new knitter of about 6 weeks, but already loving it! I am taking a beginning knitting class for an hour a week for 5 weeks beginning tomorrow with the City of Whittier. I'm a dog lover, too. I have a long haired dachshund and a short haired one. I've recently retired and while thinking about hobbies that would interest me, I happened upon knitting. So far, I am completely self-taught from the Internet. I am anxious to learn more and acquire the skills to try more challenging projects.
Hi Elayne ! I'm from Southern California too, I live in Corona Del Mar/ in Newport Beach.
I'm a Knitter, Weaver, Spinner anything I can put my hands on. :) I have 2 knitting machines, they are semi retired at this time.Hope to get started again, that's why I joined this great "Knitting Paradise".

Hope to be active very soon. Greetings from 'Finska Flicka" or plain jane. :)
Hi Myra ! :D How are You ? This is a great place to chat with Knitter's. Have a great Day :) from plain jane Finska Flicka
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