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Greetings from Northern California

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Hi Everyone,

Looking forward to "talking" with you all and so happy I found this site!!!

I live in Northern California in the greater Sacramento area, lived all over, Idaho, Hawaii, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada. Travelled around other states. Have 2 great kids who live in Florida. Last year my 20 y/o daughter was married out in Key West, she had a beautiful sunset beach wedding, small and intimate!!
This May 1 I will have been married 26 years....I enjoy knitting, crocheting, weaving with my "weave-it" hand loom, embroidery..enjoy watching mystery movies, love Agatha Christie, classic movies are also a favorite as well as some International ones like Johnny Stuccino, Shower, documentary shows, some clean comedies, love the new show "Harry's Law"....enjoy most music from country, smooth jazz, old school funk, new age, crooners, classical, some good opera like Andrea Bocelli. Love the beach, living in the country, beautiful sunsets, animals...I was "adopted" by a neighborhood stray cat that I named Bela, he's a beauty! Well I think that's enough about me, again, I am looking forward to this new site for my passion of knitting, crocheting and just friendship.


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Welcome to the forum :)
You have wonderful children!
Hi Rio- Welcome to the forum. I too lived in Sacramento for about 50 yrs, now in New Mexico. Loved Sacto, kinda like NM.
Anyway, glad to hear from a fellow Sacramentan.

what a lovely family! congratulations
Welcome...your daughter is beautiful....and I love your kitty : )
Hi RIO welcome, I just joined couple weeks ago and love it.
I am 83 love to knit (nothing hard) crochet, cross stitch & sew. I like mistries, soft music (blue grass) and John Patterson books. I always think I have it thought out but he always comes up different. Beautiful children.Take after Mom? I love Calif. Have a grand dtr in Ventura, nephew in san dieago, another newphew in Newbury Park, niece in
Brentwood. All from Ohio My son lived in LA area for 8 1/2 years.
I took my vacation from work, at christmas time and went out
for 2 weeks. love it out there. Have fun reading,what every one writes, I do.
Mcquire, are you still working at 83? I must say I am very impressed. What do you do?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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