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lonesometrain said:
I'm just another knitting addict, but my knitting passion lies with knitting the perfect sock. Despite all the tips and tutorials I try, I'm still struggling with picking up gusset stitches and holes.
The Internet has been a tremendous general help supplying tips and videos from great and accomplished knitters such as, Cat Bordhi, Kristin Bellehumeurand (Silver's Sock Class), Judy Becker (naming only a few), and what serious knitter is not familiar with Elizabeth Zimmermann?
I am a self-taught knitter and continue to have my share of knitting woes and always searching for techniques to better my knitting skills.
I'm happy to come aboard. (((HUGS)))
don't give up!! i am still trying to make the perfect sock! i just learned the make 2 at-a-time magic loop method and am about an inch away from a pair of socks! they're not pretty, but i will try again and again!! to me, it's the only way to make socks!! no ssss!!! (second sock shock syndrome!) happy knitting!! :)
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