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Grounds for Divorce

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I am so sad this morning. We have just been away on a small trip, and when we got there my mosaic blanket was nowhere to be found. We stopped twice on the way there, and I am thinking my husband dropped it out of the car when he moved my craft bag to put some beer in the back seat. I backtracked but nobody has handed it in at the two places we stopped on our way there. I have just contacted the local radio station to put it on their Lost and Found broadcast, so finger crossed. It would mean nothing to some-one else, perhaps they picked it up and kept it for a dog blanket, but it mean't the world to me.
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I found my joy joy. It was in my knitting basket the whole time, but I must have put it in the bottom so it didn't get lost, and I lost it. Happening too many times to count recently. Short term memory loss here I come. So happy.
And your marriage is not at riskā€¦.. so glad itā€™s re-emerged. I know what you mean about putting things in safe places (where DID i put that?)
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