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helen D

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Hi All,
i am an avid knitter. I am trying desperately to find a particular pattern on line because the cost of making the baby sweater I would like is prohibitive if I must buy the book.The pattern I am looking for is in Sublime Book,"the 5th llittle Handknit Book #626 It is the two tone coat.

Has anyone purchased yarn thru ebay? is it a good idea?
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I buy yarn from ebay all the time, especially on the cones for my knitting machines....I feel no different about someone else's 20 yr old yarn than I do about my 20 yr old yarn!!!! lol Seriously, I have never had a bad experience...and ebay does have redress procedures if you feel you were mislead about the quality of an item....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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