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I'm just getting back to knitting after 27 years.
Got some heart(stress) problems and was adviced to relax.
So knitting it is.
My boyfriend said it sounds like cheap fun. BUT....
27 years is long time and the yarn available now? WOW!
I have enough yarn to last me 3 life times now! I actually started hiding the yarn, because I have so much and I feel bad. I can't stop buying it!!!!
I even got me BOND machine to use it fast, but I think it is dud because I can't make it to work properly. It is dropping stitches. I am on 3rd carriage and put new sponge in too. It will be sold eventually.
So I got me Brother KX 350 that works like a charm and I am learning.
I found this forum and looking forward to find advice and help-which I need to learn the machine.
Anybody from south Sarasota?
Would love to know someone close who can teach me knitting tricks.
I am from Europe and we hand knit different way and because of it, I can't follow paterns.
Thank you all for contributing to this forum!

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Welcome from Tennessee ~ I'm sure by now you may have noticed that there is a section in this forum dedicated to machine knitting. Try asking for help there and I'll bet there will be a lot of people who can help you :-D

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Hi new Floridian knitter - again knitter.

Relax and enjoy the flight. next stop Neverland. we never stop - that is the key.

Welcome from Brooksville, Hernando county - just north a bit from you.

Enjoy all Floridians have to offer and there are many of us.

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