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Hello Everyone...I'm a Newbie Too!

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Hello. My name is Terriann, and my nickname is RaccoonMama. I'm new to this Digest, and haven't seen one for years! Boy, am I glad that I found you all.
I used to crochet, but honestly wasn't very good, because once I really got into it my Carpal Tunnel would act up. So, I found and bought myself a Knifty Knitter instead. (In fact, it was my Christmas gift from me, to me...LOL.)
Well, I fell in love with the it, and went on to buy me the Long Looms of the series. Last week before my husband went into the hospital for neurosurgery, I got an adjustable sock loom by Authentic Knitting Board. Then, with a 40% off coupon, I got the 28 inch Knitting Board. I guess you could say that I graduated from Knifty Knitters to the Knitting Boards.
Right now I am working on an Afghan made out of Homespun yarn, in Montana Sky blue. This is a 'Get Well' for my husband. I must say, that although I am used to the KK's (Knifty Knitters) that using a Knitting Board with 84 sets of pins is quite different. The afghan is coming along nicely and I'm surprised at how quick its going compared to one I was working on. That one however, was done on the Green Long Loom, and 60 rows seemed to take forever.
Has anyone else run into this situation? Any suggestions of other sites to check out for either KK patterns or KB (knitting board) patterns? Also, does anyone know if the rib stitch, done on the KK Long Looms, can be done on the KB's??
Thanks so much.
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Thank you. Its nice to be back on a digest. :)
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