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Hello everyone

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I have never joined a forum before but I just love knitting and everyone sounds so great!
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Hi from Oregon, This is my first time on a knitting forum too. Everyone seems to be very nice and very helpful. Happy Knitting:) JoyL
thanks hope we can share patterns and tips
Welcome from Rae in NC : )
Welcome! this is a great group
I have just joined myself, thought I wouldn't care much for this,but I've jumped in with both feet. I have learned so much already.

I just joined a few weeks ago and never belonged to a forum before. I find it enjoyable. I love seeing everyone's beautiful works of art also

Welcome from the middle of the mitten. This is a great site full of helps, inspiration, and friends. Enjoy your stay
Welcome from Oregon. You'll get great tips and help here.
Welcome from Illinois
This is a great sight and friendly people. They share what they know and love doing it.
Happy day
Welcome to the forum. This is my first forum ever too. It is user friendly. We learn by osmosis here. Someone asks a question and we all benefit from the answers. It's great! Enjoy. Cathryn
Welcome. You will not regret jumping in to this group. There are many of us that are apparently new to forums and this site. But, once you start reading the posts from all of the wonderful people on this site, you will know it was fate that drew you in. So much help and support. I am originally from Michigan Traverse City. But, now live in FL for several years now. Wish we could afford to live back in MI. I love cold weather and snow. (yes probably am crazy)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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