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hello from Atmore, AL

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My name is Dianne Currie. I have been knitting about 5 years. I also teach a knitting class at my church.
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Welcome to the forum from Rae in NC : )
Okay, I'm impressed ! I've been knitting for about 40 years, and I'm no where good enough to teach a class ! ... Of course, even if I were, I wouldn't have the time ... it takes me too long every day, just to read this site ! (O)
Welcome to the 'paradise' knitting world !
... it takes me too long every day, just to read this site ! Izzy[/quote]

Hi Izzy. I am glad to hear there are others on this slippery slope into Knitting Paradise. I find myself getting up in the morning with the sole thought of turning on the computer and seeing who is out and about on Knitting Paradise. Good morning, have a great day.
Ditto for me Cathryn 2ed
Welcome from the state of Michigan. This a great site for helps, inspiration and making friends. Enjoy the site. You are in the right place we are enablers.
we are enablers.[/quote]

Enablers!! You called that right! We are addicted and seem bent on infecting other likely subjects in record numbers. Love it. I am also a long time genealogist and we tend to the same philosophy.
Hello Dianne and welcome. Hope you post some of your projects for everyone to see.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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