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Hello from Australia

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Hi everyone - I've returned to knitting after decades and now I'm a bit obsessed. After enjoying the Knitting Paradise digest as a lurker for a while, I've decided to jump in now and say hello. There are so many talented and knowledgable knitters here, I'm in awe. I know I will learn so much! - Shaynie
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Shaynie said:
Hi, I'm originally from Sydney, but I've lived in Brisbane for the past 20 years.
Thank you....I am originally from Tasmania, and have lived in Sydney for 48 years.
Hello and welcome from Scotland. Where are you in Australia?
Welcome! Arizona is my home but I am vacationing in Montana and Wyoming.
Hi from Canberra. I really enjoy this forum and am a newbie myself.
Hi from Bendigo. Enjoy the company.
Hi and Welcome from Florida..
val hynson said:
Hello and welcome from Scotland. Where are you in Australia?
Thanks Val, I'm from Brisbane, Queensland.
suewynn said:
Hi and welcome from near Lake Eildon, Victoria. Can I ask where in Oz you live?
Hi, I live in Brisbane.
Welcome from Lawnton, Queensland.
21 - 40 of 77 Posts
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