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Hello from Australia

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Hi everyone - I've returned to knitting after decades and now I'm a bit obsessed. After enjoying the Knitting Paradise digest as a lurker for a while, I've decided to jump in now and say hello. There are so many talented and knowledgable knitters here, I'm in awe. I know I will learn so much! - Shaynie
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Shaynie said:
Hi, I'm originally from Sydney, but I've lived in Brisbane for the past 20 years.
Hi Shaynie. Welcome to KP. I'm originally from Sydney too, then lived in Brisbane for 20 years. I lived in Daisy Hill (Brisbane Southside). Do you live anywhere near there? I'm now in East Gippsland, Victoria, for the past 5 years. You'll love KP. Very friendly group, always helpful and I know I've learned so much from this site.
Hello Shaynie and welcome from England. :sm02:
G'day Shaynie and welcome from Sydney NSW, Where abouts in Australia are you?.
Hi and welcome from Tennessee ~ :sm02:
Hi Shaynie! I'm a newbie from Pennsylvania, USA. Welcome.
Sorry I didn't see this post until after I had posted.
Shaynie said:
Thanks Val, I'm from Brisbane, Queensland.
Welcome to KP, from the Wheat fields of Kansas, USA :sm01:
Welcome to Paradise, from Connecticut USA! :sm11:
Welcome to KP from far northern Florida, USA! So glad to have you here!

Australia's definitely a place I would love to visit. Some day, I hope.

Welcome from Colorful Colorado, USA.
Welcome from fountain hills az. Always wanted to visit your beautiful country.
Hi Shaynie and welcome from New Jersey US.
Hello and welcome to KP.
41 - 60 of 77 Posts
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