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Hello from (believe it or not !!) SNOWY Arizona

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Hi, I am a 62yo Alexandria Virginia native, knitter recently moved to Arizona, where we currently have about 4 inches of the cold white stuff. We thought we'd left that nonsense behind in Virginia.

We have 3 dogs, a 15 yo Tibetan spaniel who thinks he's a doberman, and 2 rescued girls, a Peke who is a former show dog, delighted because she can now be a real dog. She has no issues because she was always loved. Her previous mom had to go into assisted living after a stroke, and they wouldn't let her take 5 pekes. The second girl is a peke/Boston terrier mix, and the terrier has taken over. She's very shy at first, because she was badly mistreated, and is very careful before she trusts new people.
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You must be in northern AZ. Down here in Phoenix we don't have the white stuff. Welcome.

Welcome to the forum RebeccasMom and to the west. Thanks for sharing your pets. Cathryn
Welcome Rebeccas's mom,
I guess you have some great knitting weather. Hope it doesn't interfere with your internet. You are going to love this site. I love hearing about your dogs. My husband and I have always had pets up til a few years ago. We lost our precious Eskimo Spitz, Sassy, after 13 years. My husband refuses to get another member of the family.
How does your knitting get along with the three girls.
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