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e.ridenh said:
((((((( You're welcome!

I think I'm going to buy Ebay stock, too as much as we have used it since 2000. LOL!! They're getting pricier, though and driving customers over to other live auction sites.

I do like to bid and once in a while we sell something. LOL!! I've got a lot of books rounded up now and bidding on them - knitting and crocheting, of course. LOL!

Make more knitted or crocheted bookmarks? What works best for me, though are paperclips be it for pattern books or music books.
noisyneedles said:
thank you,,,was watching those,,,sure am spoiled, tho,,,I bought 60 skiens for 90 cents a piece. Daughter said she bought some for me thru ebay recently,,,hope its the purple one,,,never had those. Those socks wear like iron and I dislike the replacement yarn Lion Brand came out with after magic stripes was discontinued.
some of their stuff is good but the s/h is rediculous on E-Bay
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