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Hello from Oklahoma!

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I am someone who knit a lot when I was younger and have taken it up again as I near retirement. So far I've been knitting the square dishcloths but now I would like to try an afghan again. Maybe a Fisherman's knit like I did years ago? However, I remember that one had like 100 rows to the pattern? Maybe someone has a pattern for an afghan done in squares or strips? I'm hoping for needle size around 10. The small (4's) are too tiny and the large 13-15 I can't seem to handle. Thanks for your help!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts is a great place for patterns and knitting information. I suggest the 10 stitch blanket or mitered corner squares. Very Pink videos are my favorite.
Welcome from New York.
A designer named Marly Bird is offering a free knit/crochet along that offers part of the pattern instructions every Thursday over a six-week period. It is for a modular throw. She also includes instructions for knitting a pillow instead of the throw if you prefer that. Here is the link if you wish to take a have to keep scrolling down to get to the pattern:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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