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Hello from Pennsylvania

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Hi - I started seriously knitting about 2 years ago (I've always crocheted) and I'm having a great time. I have entirely too much yarn in my stash; I buy it everywhere I go. Until recently I've been making hats and scarves. I just graduated to a sweater for myself (almost finish the back).
I'm new to this site and just wanted to introduce myself.
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Welcom Karen from PA. You will love this site! Born in Uniontown PA. Now live in Charlottesville Va. They still call me a Yankee even though I've been in VA. for most of my adult life!! Amy
Welcome! I too just learned to knit a couple of years ago after crocheting for years. I got tired of making afgans and I wanted to make small projects so I could spend more time at my sewing machine (I am a quilter). I do the same thing you do----if I see a yarn that looks yummy I buy it. I have a huge stash! Luckily I use yarn in my quilting too and have a couple of friends with very limited incomes. I pretend I found a bargain and paid only $1.00 for a skein of yarn (I paid more than that) and my friends buy it from me at that price. I know if I tried to give it to them they wouldn't take it, but since they pay for it, they don't feel like they are accepting charity. They both love to knit and could never afford to buy the nice yarn. It make me feel great to do something for them and I hope they never find out that I have been fooling them! I hope they don't join this forum and see my note!
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Welcome from the middle of the mitten. This is a great site. The people are helpful, inspirational and friendly. Enjoy your stay.
Hello! I'm originally from Ellwood City, Pa., up near the Ohio state line. Now, I live in S. Calif., but I miss home. Pennsylvanians are the friendliest people in the world.
This IS a great site. I read it every time it shows up.
ThreadLady, they probably know but this way, everyone saves face. How kind of you for them. I lived for in Danville, Bloomsburg, Berwick, and still have sisters in Danville and Northumberland. I love PA.
Welcome from PA's north coast.
Welcome, my husband was raised in PA, and has sisters living there. Happy Knitting

Hi My name is Dianne
You can hold on to the extras for a patch work blanket if it not baby worthy an animal society would love to get it
I just took aou a blanket I was third through but I found a flaw in my knitting never be afraid to taske it apart a real pro can usually tell you how to repair it
Welcome from Rae in NC : )
Hi Rae.
as I get older there is nothing I want to do but knit
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