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Hello from Rhode Island !!

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Hello from R.I
i am new to this site and also new to knitting. so are i have knitted 4 scarfs and a bit scared to do anything else. i hope i can find some good knitting buddies to help me out.!
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Welcome, I too am from New England--Mass==and love knitting for my family!! An easy project might be two needle mittens--if you have small ones to knit for--they work up really fast and are sooo easy! Remember it should be fun--and not stressful!!
Hi Bethany, What part of RI are u from? I,m from East Providence and looking for a knitting buddy. I,m fairly new to knitting but have been crocheting for many years.

[email protected]
HI Kat,
i live in Smithfield and have only been knitting for a few months but love it already.
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