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Hello from sunny Alachua, Florida!

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Hi from a mom and daughter team in N.C. Florida.

We have been knitting and crocheting for years and are excited to get re-energized with your forum. I have been looking at it in the past month for patterns and reading posts, but have been too shy to post. NOW, after a wonderful family weekend of crafting, I have three lambs completed and ready to share.


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Welcome to the forum ! I'm glad that you want 'to share' .. does that include the lobster too ? (O)
Happy knitting !
Hi and welcome, seeing the lobster reminds me of the lobster my husband and his buddies brought home from their fishing trips also grouper. Miss that.

Mary in NC
That's not a lamb, that's a lobster! Much tastier than yarn I hope! Hello from Apalachicola!
Wow! haven't had breakfast and all ready thinking of the evening meal. Welcome team from S. Mississippi. Enjoy.
Hi you're really close. I'm in Gainesville. Happy knitting.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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