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Hello From the No, Ga. mountians

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Just happened up on this site and am excited to join. I say I knit at knitting. Really want to lean and hoping this is a good place to start.
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Welcome from just over the line in far Western NC!
Hello and welcome from Tennessee! This is a great place to start ~ friendly and helpful people from all over the world. Good luck with your knitting :D
KP is a great place to start! Welcome from Canada
Hello and welcome from Pa. You came to the right forum to learn about knitting. Nice to have you with us
Welcome from NY. My daughter lives in Watkinsville GA and went north to the GA mtns last weekend. They went hiking somewhere in that area and sent me beautiful pictures of woods and gorgeous waterfalls. They had a great time.
Greetings from Marietta, GA. You will love this site. Lots of very talented knitters always willing to help. Welcome!
Hello and welcome from Canada!!
Welome from Athens, GA! I meet my best friend who ives in Cleveland here and travel up to see her from time to time. Are you near any yarn stores? Thee is a wonderful one in called Bumbleberries in Clarksville. They offer classes too which you ugh find helpful. You'll find its of help here on Knitting Paradise.
Welcome to KP, from the Wheat fields of Kansas, USA :)
Hello, great you have joined us.
since you are new to this site, just want you to know I sent you a PM (private message),, if you look at the top of page private msg. should be highlighted. just click on that to get your msg. no one else can access it. hope to hear from you.
Hello and Welcome from another North Georgia Mountain Girl!
I'm in Toccoa. Are you near this area?
Hello I hear those Georgia Mountain are awesome!
Welcome from Oregon. What a great state you live in. We've visited several times when youngest son was graduating from various military training. You'll love this site, never a question goes unanswered:)
Welcome from Australia :)
21 - 40 of 49 Posts
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