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Hello from Western North Carolina

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and sometimes from Down East Maine. I've knitted for more than 45 years, on and off. Have collected a quantity of yarns and began machine knitting 10 years ago. Now, I find hand knitting more rewarding, less stressful, and more relaxing. Anyone from West of Asheville or between Bar Harbor and Bangor?
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Welcome Joan,
I'm in CT. And the snow is starting to melt. We have had snow on the ground since Dec 26th. I still don't see grass in my back yard. Have been to Bangor with my daughter when she goes on travel for her Navy work.
Hope to hear more about your works.
Welcome Joan....I live in Winston Salem, NC....I'm from CO though. It seems like Nc is getting more and more transplants : )
I think there's a quantity of snow on the ground in Orland, ME, where we have a house. My husband stays there during the winter as we are remodeling. He tells me that there was a storm on Friday or Saturday and I tell him about the 60-70 degree weather we've been having here, west of Asheville. Last year, a different story altogether, with more snow here and lower temperatures. The daffodils are up and blooming in sunny areas and tulips are about 5 inches above the ground. I get to see spring all over again when I go back to Maine.
I'm from Michigan by way of California, Oregon, Hawaii, and Florida. Love the mountains here and the mild (usually) climate.
i live in apex nc, originally from mass.
i've been knitting for ages
go to a couple knit groups here
i have lived in ct, nh, vt ga, tx, nj and germany
happy knitting
Hi Joan, I'm just across the mountain from you in the Tri-Cities area of TN. I learned to knit as a child, but just started again seriously about 3 years ago.

Some of my knitting friends love the yarn shop in or near Black Mountain. Maybe one day I'll get over there.

Right now, I'm searching for home dec fabric for valences in my living room and kitchen. I can't paint the kitchen until I find the fabric to match the paint color. A friend suggested going to Asheville, so we may be over that way in the next few months.

If you're near Kingsport, let me know and maybe we can have coffee together.

Have a great day, tinker2
Sounds good. Some JoAnn stores have lots of home dec fabrics. Nearest one I know of is in Maryville, but maybe there is one closer to you. I haven't been to the shop in Black Mountain, have heard of it. I go to Yarn Paradise in Builtmore Square, or Earth Faire (I think) in downtown Asheville. There is one nearer to me in Canton, but I have not been there yet. I am almost drowning in yarn here at home, so can't justify another purchase. I've been spending some time this week and last cleaning out and finding yarn I had forgotten and trying to organize.

It's nice to hear from you.
Hi Joan
I live in Bristol, TN so not too far away but I was born in England and to cut a long story short I've been knitting for many years though not all the time, sometimes there are long breaks but I also sew and crochet so I'm always doing to keep busy
I'm from FL., but spend most of my time in Waynesville, N.C., love it there - so many crafty things to do and places to see and so much local fiber talent. There is also a quilt shop in Maryville, TN - Pappy's Quilt Shop. Nice fabrics, nice staff.
Canton yarn shop is very nice, also Friends & Fiber Works in Asheville. Nice rug hooking group, too. If it uses a needle, I probably do it. Enjoy this site.
We have a week's timeshare in Lake Lure, N. Carolina. We go up in October, but missed last year. We have been going there for 25 years.
We live in Savannah, GA., since being transferred by my husband's job, Grumman Aviation on Long Island, NY. Grumman is now Gulfstream Aerospace here in Savannah, and my husband is now retired.
OOOOH, nice place to get away from the southern heat. My husband was born in Savannah, but we've only been back there 3-4 times many years ago. We are retired also, remodeling a house in Maine, where I spend the summers, but winters here in North Carolina. Lived in Florida for several years but are now "half backs". I enjoyed your note. Thanks
Hi KrazyKatLadee,

I noticed in your post that you had lived in Long Island, NY. I was a transplant to NY. Lived in Suffolk Co (Holbrook) where did you live there?

Hope to talk soon,
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