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Hello from Wisconsin

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Hello everyone! I am from Wisconsin where we have an awful lot of indoor time in the winter months. It's cold and snowy (expecting a snowstorm tomorrow 3/22/2011). This site is amazing! I'm so glad I found it and will be sure that my family members come and take a peek as well. :mrgreen:
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I was born in Chicago and married a Wisconsin man and lived there for 12 years. I lived in Slinger, Wisconsin which is about 37miles north west of Milwaukee. It was my first place I lived in there till we brought our home in Hartford, Wisconin which isn't to far from Slinger. I gotten married in 1962 and left there in 1975. I moved down to Vian, Oklahoma I had gotten remarried and we lived there for a short while and I moved to Sallisaw Oklahoma 10 miles from Vian, after my husband died. Now I am alone at this age and I was in hopes that we would grow old together. No i will be 78 in June. But I do remember the bitter cold up there in Wisconsin in that old 100 year old farm house. It had gotten down to 32 below zero. I am glad that I now live here in Oklahoma where the weather is not so cold. I do miss it up there it is pretty country. I had many friends up there. Good luck to all you Winsinconnites.
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