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Hello from Wisconsin

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Hello everyone! I am from Wisconsin where we have an awful lot of indoor time in the winter months. It's cold and snowy (expecting a snowstorm tomorrow 3/22/2011). This site is amazing! I'm so glad I found it and will be sure that my family members come and take a peek as well. :mrgreen:
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I order many items from Herschners. Do you go to the wearhouse sales 2x a year?
Mernie, thanks for filling me in on the yarn shops near Delavan. Can you give me more details? Sounds like it would be a nice road trip. I have to check it out.
Also, I have to visit the one in Appleton called Iris.
The yarn shops are located at Highway 89 and County A near Delavan. One is Studio S and the other Needles and Pins. They both have websites. Certainly worth the trip. I love them equally. I have not seen a better selection of yarn. Studio S also sells looms. Fantastic places. Enjoy! Mernie
I was born in Chicago and married a Wisconsin man and lived there for 12 years. I lived in Slinger, Wisconsin which is about 37miles north west of Milwaukee. It was my first place I lived in there till we brought our home in Hartford, Wisconin which isn't to far from Slinger. I gotten married in 1962 and left there in 1975. I moved down to Vian, Oklahoma I had gotten remarried and we lived there for a short while and I moved to Sallisaw Oklahoma 10 miles from Vian, after my husband died. Now I am alone at this age and I was in hopes that we would grow old together. No i will be 78 in June. But I do remember the bitter cold up there in Wisconsin in that old 100 year old farm house. It had gotten down to 32 below zero. I am glad that I now live here in Oklahoma where the weather is not so cold. I do miss it up there it is pretty country. I had many friends up there. Good luck to all you Winsinconnites.
Another cheesehead here. I live in Fredonia, WI which is about 12 miles west of Port Washington where I work.I enjoy going to resale shops looking for yarn. Also love going to the Herrschnerrs warehouse sales. Four of us take the day off of work and shop till we drop. Sure wish the weather would warm up.
Yes, I have gone to Herrschnerr's warehouse sales many times and spent MANY hundreds of $$$$$.The very first time I went ,there were NO CARTS. You had these big red bins to fill and you couldn't carry them so just pushed them along the floor in front of you with your foot. I filled 3 of them that day.Now they have carts but they are quite hard to get unless you are there when they unlock the door.I also send for many things. In fact, just had 3 orders recently. I am kind of upset with them ( and myself ) right now. I am knitting myself a hooded sweater from chenille. I might be running short on the yarn so ordered some more last month only to find it is backordered til May !! Now I am wondering if I will even get it???It is Lion Brand so I went on the LB web site today to look for it and they don't even carry it anymore. So I might be stuck with a sweater with only one sleeve, no hood, and no pockets !!! But boy, I sure hope not.
When I was finishing an afgan for the expected GGBaby, I ran out of the yarn I had ordered from Herschnerrs. I called them, asking for the same dye lot. They said they would not match dye lots, I had to get it anyway and was pleased to get same dye lot anyway. i think they get so much yarn, they must not run out. I often order from them, also Webs and KnitPiks online. So fast and convenient. Mernie
Welcome from Rae in NC : )
Welcome from SoCal, your joining a great group here!
It's not nice to be alone, is it? My darling died on Christmas morning in 2003. We were married 52 years! I am absolutely addicted to knitting. Always have been, but more now that I am alone. Some of my relatives lived in the Slinger area about 20 years ago. I'm half-way between Milwaukee and Janesville. It snowed last night. you can enjoy being warm.
I'm sorry about your lost. I don't know what I would do if I lost my husband (my best friend). He even helps me with my knitting projects but refuses to learn to knit. He has an engineering mind and alot of times will help me with the math when I'm doing a pattern. I'm sure this forum helps you, Mernie their are alot of us depending on your expertise.
Thank you. That was very nice. I prayed that he could live. I asked God to gtive him to me and I didn't care what condition he was in. He had a terrible brain hemmorage and could never have been near the same. it was such a selfish prayer. He used to laugh at the hiding places I had for my yarn and say: do you really think I don't know how much yarn and fabric you have stashed? He was fun and funny and my only boyfriend. We met when I was 16 and he was 21 and were married 2 years later. I miss him more than I can tell you.
memie, You made me cry when I read your E-mail. My Heart goes out to you. How many years did you and your husband have together? I know he is still there in spirit that will never died.
I am so sorry for your loss. That blanket is beautiful!
We were married for 52 years. It's like being ripped in half. Thank you.
bless you and hope you have friends and family to help you.
Thanks for sharing your blanket. Alot love and patience must have gone into it. I didn't even know what kind of stitching that was until I got on to this forum. I'm learning so much. Some day I might try to make one. I have a discloth in that pattern. I usually start out small.
I checked out the yarn shop in Appleton WI today, Iris. I was more than impressed. The clerk must have spent over 2 hrs. with me. She helped me with a lace scraf. She explained
different fibers. I had quick lesson on how to mix different fibers by what each fiber offers. There was no pressure on buying. Infact, I felt quilty if I didn't buy
from her shop. I did end up buying circular needles by addi.
I was going to buy three different sizes because I don't own
any. She talked me out of it and had me buy one size. The size I need at this time.If I don't care for them I could always bring them back. I told her I started out crocheting but I'm hooked on Knitting now. She said I looked like a knitter, simple yet elegant. I'm begining to think that is true of every knitter. We are an unique group.
Now that was a very good salesperson!
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