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Hello from Wisconsin

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Hello everyone! I am from Wisconsin where we have an awful lot of indoor time in the winter months. It's cold and snowy (expecting a snowstorm tomorrow 3/22/2011). This site is amazing! I'm so glad I found it and will be sure that my family members come and take a peek as well. :mrgreen:
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Ginnyv said:
How can i get the Pattern for the Blanket?Just love it, I lost my Husband Eighteen Years ago. Still miss him. Married Forty Eight years.Pc been down and just read this. If you can give the Directions Please send to
[email protected] I am Eighty Four
I wrote a long note to your e-mail address and it came back, undeliverable. I really wanted to share with you...send it again, Ginny,,
[email protected] Hope you get this and can write back, If you have the Link for the Afghan Just send it here, My Computer has been acting up. Got it fixed i hope. Hundred and two dollars. Thank you Ginny.
Ginnyv said:
[email protected] Hope you get this and can write back, If you have the Link for the Afghan Just send it here, My Computer has been acting up. Got it fixed i hope. Hundred and two dollars. Thank you Ginny.
Well, Ginny, it's kind of long, but I will copy and paste...

Hi, Ginny--

I just read your note in the knitting forum about the baby blanket. I did not have a pattern for the it. I used a book by Rosemary Drysdale called
Enterlac . I started with a variegated yarn and picked the other colors from those colors . If you haven聮t done enterlac knitting, you should try. I hadn聮t tried it before and found it to be so very interesting. There are a few places on the web that will describe it and you can read about in a lot of books and magazines. I will be doing more things with this enterlac, because it聮s kind of like eating popcorn 聳 I really made the blanket longer because I didn聮t want to stop and had lots of yarn left. You really should be able to knit in both directions to make it easier because you are knitting all short rows. I am glad you liked the baby blanket .

I figured out how wide I wanted it to be and cast on that number of stitches. Then I picked up the stitches all around the edge and just knit every row, using a couple of long cable needles. For the final border, I knit every row without increasing on the corners (on the wrong side ) so it just naturally curled under. I hope you can figure it out聟 If you have been knitting this long, you surely can.

Our grandson is expecting a little one in May. He announced to me just before Christmas that I would be having a good birthday this year, because they were having a baby on my birthday. I was and am so delighted! I have made a sweater and some booties so far. They won聮t find out the sex of the baby early and I like that. But I can knit quickly and this beloved child will not lack for knitted wear. My granddaughter-in-law has a huge big bump. She聮s a tiny woman and looks so cute and has only a month or so to wait.

My husband died on Christmas morning in 2003. I miss him with all my heart and always will. I understand your grief. He had all my presents wrapped and under the tree and I opened them that day. Nine gifts. My three sons got the presents I had made for him. Christmas is not a very wonderful time any longer. We were married when I was 18, in 1951聟It doesn聮t get easier, does it? Just acceptable.

Well, it was nice to write to you,
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Hi/ Thanks for writing. Very nice of you. I just had another sadness. I had to have my Kitty put to sleep she had Cancer. She was Seventeen. Got her after my Husband died. It seems so lonely here. Well back to my crocheting. Sent for a Kit from Mary Maxim.calledPineapple delight. It is very pretty but i think a MONKEY wrote the directions. Have had a lot of Trouble doing it, Thanks again. Ginny
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