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Hello, I am new here

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I learned to knit and crochet, and even sew a simple skirt, in school, in the fifties. Then in the sixties and early seventies there was new interest in crocheting, macrame, and lots of other crafts, and now, for the third time in my life, there is a revival in arts & crafts, and all kinds of needle art, multi media stuff, etc., and I feel right at home again. Even know men who knit and crochet, wow! Glad to have found this forum of fellow creative souls! So hello to all.
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well so am I. I love knitting. and looking for a little baby pattern, shug i think they are called. many years ago could knit one all in garter st. but can seem to find that pattern anymore, any one out there help at all.
Welcome from Rae in NC : )
lion brand has all kind of free patterns. I made a shug for my sister, noe I will make one for me.

Welcome .
Welcome and I reallay think you will enjoy this website. I visited your area about 10 years ago and was quite a culture shock from So. Indiana. Would love to visit again some day and also to see Northern Ca. Enjoy. Judy
One of my best friends is originally from Indiana, now in Norcal, and he likes it here a lot better he says. We just heard on the news that in Indiana, people are now prosecuted and get jail time for not paying bills like car payments, house payments, when they have lost their jobs - sort of like in Charles Dickens: debtor prisons... wow, talk about culture shock eh? And hello to you and all the rest who welcomed me. You sound like a bunch of kind people!


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Welcome is great forum and you will learn a lot. Like your scarf.

Mary in NC
I've not heard that, but the Indiana Governor, Mitch Daniels, is trying to get public school funds for private schools. Please don't vote this man for president! He is all about eliminating jobs and that is a major problem in this country. Had a bit of snow here todday. Judy
Just google Indiana debtors prisons:

But sorry I even said it. I saw Indiana, remembered my friend talking about this... knee jerk reaction and I fear not on topic and out of place. Indiana is not the only state doing this. So: my bad. Apologies. Can we start over? 8-}
No problem with me. Daniels still wouldn't make a good president. How can you fix the economy if you get rid of jobs? Judy
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