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Hello, my name is Lala.

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I am teaching myself to knit and crochet. I think I'd like to find a good group of women to learn from but have not found a nearby group. Live in Silver Spring Maryland. Any ideas?
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Lala, Welcome from NC! I hope you find a group. Check in on meetup for a possible group and on ravelry. I was able to connect with a local yarn shop (lys) that way and find a group that meets weekly for those inclined to come.
Take care!
Adorable name: 'Knitwitwriter'. Begs the question, do you write more or knit more? This is the first time I've entered into one of these forums so am uncertain about the reference to 'meetup'. Is that a function somewhere within this forum?

I found a local merchant online who advertises a knitting group that uses his store in the evenings once a month but can't get anyone to respond. It's a wine shop so I have to wonder how much knitting really goes on. Maybe I should just find a class at the "Y" or something.

Recently visited Greensboro.....we follow MD women's basketball and on a lark we went to see them play in their ACC conference tournie...bad loss to GA Tech but it was a nice 'road trip' in NC nonetheless. Thank you for your greeting :)
Hi Lala,

This may sound a little off the wall but have you checked out any local Senior Centers. I live in MA and in my town they are always posting in the town paper for yarn donations for their group that knits for babies, soldiers, etc. If there was anything like that available in your area, rest assured you would learn from the best. And I'm sure they would appreciate your contributions. Good Luck with your search!
Thank you for your reply JoAnn129. I'll certainly look around more; great idea...the older, the wiser? Again, TYVM
Welcome to the forum from Rae in NC. I wanted to learn more so took a class at a LYS. They were really nice and I can't wait to take another one. : )
Hi SailorRae, Yet another good idea! Thank you Rae. Had not even considered this one yet. I've been buying yarn from an internet source called 'knitpicks' so really haven't explored the local retail sources. Thank you for the reply!
Hi and welcome.
I have driven thru your town many times when I was living in NY and running to VA on weekends to take care of my Mom.
Beautiful town. Got a car muffler there once also yuck.

Check you local yarn shops, library, and senior centers. Just to name a few.

Also google local knitting groups. Hope this helps.
PS you just joined the largest group of knitters!!! We have shared beverages, chocolate, cookies, chips, storys, bus trips, vacations and oh yeah some knitting. lol
Hi Lee, Thank you for your reply. I am going to be 63 in May, so a bit late starting hobbies but have been trying UNsuccessfully to rejuvenate a paying job and find that if I don't keep my HANDS busy these days, I end up heading for the kitchen to begin a baking project. I was hoping to find some good, comfy (FREE) SOCK patterns ( I have only one grandchild, eight years old with BIG feet...always loosing her socks) which was actually how I found this site yesterday.

It is just so wonderful to hear such creative thinking.

If knitwitwriter is online is your pattern an OK one for a beginner?? do you have a reference?

Lee, I hope your Mom is OK. Mine is 88 and just had a 'near miss' from a terrible fall. It must have been very trying for you to cope with a CT / VA commute to lend a hand. Wow.

Thank you again for the welcome, everyone. I am so happy to have some people to 'talk' to and brainstorm with. ( I know KW's a preposition.....what can I say?) = )
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Hi Lala,
Sadly my Mom has moved on to rest in a more peaceful setting.

But the drivng was done with love. We do what we have to as needed.
Anyway... there are a lot of sock knitters here. I am only a beginner socker. And I am using the toe up method. I LOVE it. You can try the sock on as you knit it. I am making it on 2 circular needles, not DPN. It is coming along. Just other projects jump in.
I am knitting dishcloths to put in an Easter basket for a person I met here, and perhaps in need of some cheer. So I am busy knitting every moment to get done and get the box shipped.
Welcome..we are a great group. Check the chit chat section. We can be silly there. Some of us boarded a "bus" a few days ago and we haven't gone anywhere. But we ate all out snacks and have worked on our projects and shared storys. So I guess it is the bus to nowhere, but I had fun.
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HEy the bus trip sounds 'trippy' and fun. I am a really rank beginner...but did do some washcloths for my family....they are holding up and it's a great quick project. Can you really knit and use the computer at the same time?? I know there are people who can watch TV and knit or crochet at the same time. NOT me....I have to stop and go back even if I'm only listening to music. I'm doing a 'beginner' crochet scarf I got off of has taken me since January to get the hang of the pattern and I STILL make mistakes and have to go back.

It's starting to get more streamlined now so I want to line up some beginner socks. My hands cramp up sometimes crocheting. Knitting feels more ergonometric sometimes.

Still figuring out how to navigate around the site. Will try the chit chat area.
Thanks again and have a GREAT day. I will save a prayer that your Mom IS at peace and will save us all special places to join her when it is our time. Lala
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