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Hello, my name is Toni

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I am on this site every morning reading everyone's comments and learning a lot of information. I am amazed at everyone's
knitting abilities - new and old timers. As "they" say, knitting is relaxing - I find myself sighing several times while I am knitting because it is so relaxing. I have two groups I belong to - one meets every Wed afternoon (Open Knitting) the group is getting larger all the time. Here everyone helps out with a question also just like this site. We bring in finished projects at the end of the month to share. I started knitting after about a 10 year hiatus and am amazed at the selection of needles, yarns, patterns etc. I am having fun with it and learning more and more every day. Knitters are the a great group of people who are more than willing to share time and information.
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Welcome to the forum. Yes this is a really great site and you will enjoy it. Knitting is a relaxation....

Happy Knitting,
Capva from Va
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