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Hello, relearning to knit, GrannySal

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Hello, I am from PA and relearning to knit an crochet. I haven't knit anything in 25 years and forgot everything!
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Me too! Is,nt it fun to knit again? I wish I had more LITTLE grandchildren to knit for....Big things intimidate me...
Hi, I am just blundering through... I made an "easy" slipper for myself, that turned out to fit some guy's size 10 or more! I'm knitting a sweater for my granddaughter and lengthwise it is fine, it will hold two of her standing side by side! I am trying to find out how to do the "miracle loop" on circular needles......
Hi, I don't think I've ever used circular needles but it seems most patterns use them now. I just finished an old (1976) pattern for a Portugese Fishing sweater for a grandson..I used to make it for my kids. It's great for outside.
I'm from CA and just got back into knitting about a year ago. I love all the patterns that are available online. I love to make beanies and scarves for friends and family.
Hi, I am from California also, Northern part midway between Sacramento & San Francisco.
Right now my knitting projects have been baby blankets.
Last year I made 9 adult size afghans for my kids & grandkids. THe baby blankets seems so much easier & faster.
Hi 1mumc,

Nice to meet you....I am in Va and new here also. It's a really nice forum to chat and learn things.

I am sure the knitting and crocheting will all come back to you. And there are so many sites to pick up patterns at. I mostly look for beginner and easy patterns even tho I have been doing it for a while. I every so often try the intermediatev ones.

Good luck :)
You sound like me. My sizing isn't what it should be..
Yep, I agree, I guess all the redoing has just got to be looked at as a learning experience!! Although I would prefer to do without it!
Hi from NH
I'm knitting again. I'm left handed, so learning to knit those many years ago stayed with me.
well, I quilt also, and I should be use to to re-doing.. it is ok, just get in too much of a hurry... it teachs me to slow down. Or it trys to teach me to slow down.
I'm a lefty too and it is interesting to do some of the stitches, figuring them out while watching them on you tube!
I hadn't knit in awhile so I started with dishcloths. There are several books out there and if you make a mistake its no big deal. Some of the books have cabled and three colored patterned cloths. You could also expand the size and make them into throw pillows.
I don't like doing gauges swatches, but you pretty much have to if you want the pattern to fit correctly. just part of the nuts and bolts of knitting. If it is a yarn you use quite a bit start keeping notes somewhere so you know what your gauge is with that yarn and you won't have to do another swatch next time.
Hi, I'm having the same problem. I follow the instructions but the sweater I made for my granddaughter in size 18 months will fit her when she's 5. I'm currently working on a new one for her and went down two needle sizes, will see if that helps :) But better too big than too small, I guess.
I agree about it being better too big than too small, but its only too wide the length is fine....Hopefully next time she will be here so I can fit it to her as I go! The slippers I made, I was measuring it sideways till I finished the
I was left handed but learned the right handed way and I guess it works cuz I have been doing it for awhile. There are many sites that now have the left handed version on video. I have helped a couple girls by sitting in front of them as they watch. Hope you do well.
The necessary swatches are really fun too if you save them and use them to make something else,like dishclothes or several together to make pillows or doggie blankets or ??? something you design of your own making. Anyway why waste yarn or take out? Hope you find alot of ways to use them and have fun.
Hi GrannySal, You can make for charity if you like tiny things, or doll clothes for your granddaughters dolls. Cabbage Patch wears preemie clothes. Or make a bunch in different colors and sell at hospitals or boutiques. There are hundreds of people who would love your beautiful work. Either free (charity) or sold because they love them but can't make them themselves Anyway, have tons of fun making them..
Hi 1 MUMC, I bet if your large slipper were wool you could felt it and have a beauty. Or look at it and tell yourself how nicely you did and next time it will work smaller. Bet it really came out very pretty and true to the pattern. Sometimes if we do not use yarn pattern asks for we get different sizes. Look, you did it and that means alot,right? I will tell you that I am proud of you for doing it! Keep up the good work and next week you will be even happier with you work. Gotta realize you are back and doing what makes you happy.
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