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I do a basic class for one hour and a half each week in crochet/knit. I have been looking everywhere for a free pattern (not v-neck or boat neck) for a simple knit from the neck down sweater for a female.

I had a great book, but have lost it to the craft pile and can find it nowhere.

One of my students (as myself would) wants to make herself a pull over sweater and I am at a loss to help her.

Anyone out there have a clue? It would have to be fairly simple and not intended for real thin ladies.

Thanks for whatever you can do to help. The lady has bad eyes, so the needle size would enter into the equation.

Big hugs to all.

Vickey S.
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Check out the Dramatic Lace Wrap Top Down Cardigan at Just leave out the lace parts... Not sure if it is free, but it would be easy to make up a pattern for.
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