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I do a basic class for one hour and a half each week in crochet/knit. I have been looking everywhere for a free pattern (not v-neck or boat neck) for a simple knit from the neck down sweater for a female.

I had a great book, but have lost it to the craft pile and can find it nowhere.

One of my students (as myself would) wants to make herself a pull over sweater and I am at a loss to help her.

Anyone out there have a clue? It would have to be fairly simple and not intended for real thin ladies.

Thanks for whatever you can do to help. The lady has bad eyes, so the needle size would enter into the equation.

Big hugs to all.

Vickey S.
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Thanks. I will print this out and take it to class. HUGS TO YOU AND YOURS
Thanks sll of you for these wonderful suggestions. Surely I will find the answer with all the help.

vlweir said:
Booklady38 said:
I found a great site that has only top down knitting patterns from child to adult sizes. The name of the site is One piece knitting. I believe she has a few free patterns and some reasonably priced books. One of the books is offered as a download. There is even a way to reach her with a question. most of her patterns can use different weights of yarn.

Hope you find what you want. booklady38 in Maine.
Wow! This is a great site. The patterns are cute and reasonably priced. Now, the big dilemma...which ones to buy! This link goes directly to their site:

What a wonderful site and has what I've been looking for. Thanks so very much. I found the simple pull over I want down the page and to the left. Perfect. At the top, the blue book with the family wearing the knitted outfits, is the very book I bought and mislaid. It is a great book. I made a grandchild one like on the cover in a DK verigated yarn and she loved it.

Thanks so much for sending this my way.

Vickey S.
Booklady38 said:
you are very welcome. hope I can help in the future.
Where would these old knitting and crochet fingers be without all the brother and sister knitting hands out there ? Thanks so much. Here is a quick poem for all your knitters out there, that I am writting as I type. God Bless You all.

Vickey Stamps

Thanks for working hands, Lord,

Thanks for fingers that bend and thumbs that stretch out
To make colors and patterns just stand up and shout
That make yarn that's just pretty turn out to be more
From one end of my world to another ones shore
To make up things for others who have need for such
With hands holding love, for those with 'not much'
For the fingers that craft up something for another
Who cares not the color of their sister or brother
And thanks Lord for making our hands look as they do
I'll send up these words .....dedicated to you
Let me be thankful I have hands to work yarn
to encourage those others who don't give a darn
Help me bing joy to others , who wait down the way
Thanks for all that you give me each day.

Vickey Stamps 9:53 a.m. California time 3/3/11
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tami_ohio said:
Deemail,forgive me for not specifying! I didn't even think about the fact that both were mentioned. I only hand knit. If I understand you correctly, you are telling me to pick up stitches around the neck to knit the collar, after making the top down sweater? Where would I start and end it? Thanks for the help.

Vickey Stamps, thank you for the beautiful poem!

Thanks Tami. I am glad you liked it.
Booklady38 said:
what a wonderful poem. I was able to print it. I am going to try to write it script and frame it. I think every knitter should have it.
thank-you so much for sharing it.
What an honor for me that you would want to do that. Thanks so very much. I appreciate it. I love to write.

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